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Inception System


We proudly introduce the Forex Ballers Club Inception trading system, your key to financial freedom.


This is the brokers worst nightmare. Seriously! Modern market conditions require modern solutions & if you are still struggling to analyse the charts and struggling to find consistency in the Forex market the Inception system is the solution for you.


We have proudly automated the chart analysis process so you no longer need to spend hours and hours in front of the charts analysing your life away. What makes the Inception trading system so unique is its ability to use our top secret Price Action algorithm to automatically calculate the main key psychological levels in the market and then automatically generate you your entry, stop loss & take profit based on those key psychological levels.


Because it uses Price Action at it's core, it works on ALL trading instruments available to the retail trader - Currency pairs, Gold, Nasdaq, US30, GER30, VIX75, Step index, Boom and crash, Crypto, you name it!  


It not only provides you with entry prices at these key levels, but also provides you with stop loss and take profit levels all automatically. In other words you no longer need to pray to the Forex God's that your analysis is right. We know, we've been there & that's why the Inception system exists today.


 Another benefit of using the Inception trading system is the fact that it not only saves you time so you can do other things instead of analysing boring charts, it's a system! it lacks one thing that makes most traders fail & that is... trading with emotions!

It completely eliminates human emotion out of the equation which is a massive step forward and contributor to your success in the Forex trading market. Welcome to the future of Forex trading. A future where you never have to analyse a chart ever again.




System Features


  • Automatically generates Buy/Sell signals with Entry, Stop loss and Take profit on a daily basis.

  • Automatically determines the Trend direction. The Inception system will automatically determine the trend direction for you so you can ensure you are never on the wrong side of the market.​

  • Automatic Risk Management. Never blow another account again. Seeing as the Inception trading system provides you with stop loss and take profit levels based off of our Risk/Reward management principles. It makes it extremely difficult to blow your account.

  • Works on all trading instruments available to the retail trader.

  • The F.B.C Inception trading system can be used to start a business as a signal provider as it generates signals automatically for you which you can share with whoever you want. A lot of signal providers in South Africa actually use our System to provide signals.

  • Works on any MT4 and MT5 broker.

  • Works on MT4 & MT5 for both Windows & Mac OS.

  • Plug & Play easy installation. Comes with access to an educational video on how to use & with step by step instructions on how to install.​




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