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Live to trade Forex another day with the F.B.C Covid Kit.


It's a must have when you're out and about spending your sweet sweet profits ensuring you don't get sick! The kit contains some important essentials for your day.


The Kit includes:


  • Double-Layer Face Mask made from a cotton-rich polyester for great comfort and has Flexi tie-backs, making it easy to find your best fit. Double layer protection and designed to fit kids from the age of 16+ and adults. Available only in black with white trimming.


  • Storage Box made from PP with a secure fitting lid and is large enough to store your mask so that its clean everytiime you need it. 


  • Hand Sanitiser in a PET bottle with a flip-top lid and contains 50ml waterless gel hand sanitiser.


Please Note:


  • The hand sanitiser has a 70% alcohol base, as per WHO standards, to kill most viruses, germs and bacteria and to keep your hands clean. It contains tea-tree oil which gives it a slightly yellow hue.




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